Understand Quran 70% Course

Welcome to Understand Quran 50%  


Did you complete Understand Quran 50% of Words? Then proceed with this course!

These two courses (50% and 70% of Words) are the new and improved versions extracted from the Basic Course. They form your ideal head start in understanding the Quran!

When you finish these two courses, you can start the Quran directly and you don’t have to do the Basic Course anymore.

70% of the Quranic Words in the next 9 hours

The lessons are numbered from 20 to 39 (as Understand Quran 50% lessons are from 1- 19). You will study 9 hours in total, divided over 20 sessions of approximately 30 minutes each, so that you can study a part of it every day.

After you complete both the courses, you will learn almost 250 words which occur in the Quran 55,000 times (out of a total of approx. 78,000 words). That comes to around 70%!

So, after this course, you will have only around 2 new words per line of the Quran left.
In fact, it is even lesser than that as you proceed (see graphic).

What will you study?

Because we want you to understand the Quran the easy way, with daily practice ensured, we cover in this course:

  • Additional short Surahs;
  • Supplications taught by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him;
  • Important recitations, such as Ayat-al Kursi and the last part of Surah Al-Hashr;
  • Other highly beneficial sections of the Quran;
  • The necessary Grammar;
  • Exclusive: unique iman boosting lessons in each part.

Through the above selections you will learn almost 140 words which occur in the Quran around 15,000 times! If you add this to the words that you learnt in Course-1 (125 words that occur 40,000 times), the total goes up to 55,000 times or 70%.

What is the Aim of this course?

1. Expand your daily recitations & supplications with understanding.
This will add another dimension to your Salah and your relationship with Allah;

2. Show you the Quran is not a nice thing to have, but the must have guideline to succeed in life;

3. Forever remove your thinking that the Quran is difficult to understand;

Now you know 70% of the words on each page, you are almost there in understanding the whole Quran!

What are the Benefits of this course?

  • The Key Formula to prioritize all your Quran activities!
  • Effective, Research-Based Approach; to ensure the fastest way for you to learn.
  • Included ‘how to’ lessons; learn how to interact, imagine, feel and recite the Quran;
  • Revolutionary Technique for learning grammar; TPI (Total Physical Interaction) that is extended to teach you the derived forms of verbs that occur almost 9000 times in the Qur’an, i.e., one word in each line of the Qur’an, approximately!;
  • All possible learning materials provided: from videos, mp3, PowerPoint files, Textbook, Workbook, to email reminders, special quizzes and a final exam.

Outline of new words in the Quran

The following graph gives you the new words in each Juz [or para] of the Quran.
From this you can easily tell that the new words in the Quran are:

  • 20 per page in the first Juz.
  • 12 per page for Juz number 2 to 5.
  • 6 per page for Juz number 6 to 28.
  • 12 per page for Juz number 29 and 30.
  • Isn’t the Quran easy to understand?

So get started, be sincere.. and soon you will understand the whole Quran insha’Allah!
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